Serving Ice Cream Treats for Over 30 Years!

Hello, and welcome to our website!

Good Time Ice Cream Distributor, Inc. is a Raleigh, North
Carolina based ice cream distribution company that has
been operating in the Triangle area for thirty years.  We
provide several different services to satisfy your ice cream
Catering for Special Events

We would love to cater your special event.  We will bring
our classic, attractive ice cream truck to any special event
that you have planned and serve you with over 85 varieties
of ice cream novelties.  Call us for a quote to serve your
Store Sales and Bulk Ice Cream Delivery

If you are interested in selling ice cream in your store or
café, we will provide you with an attractive ice cream
freezer cabinet for display and storage of ice cream that
we will deliver to you.  We serve most of North Carolina.
Good Time Ice Cream Distributor, Inc.
Here Is a Side View of Our Classic
Ice Cream Trucks!
Good Time Logo
Here Is a Rear Side View of Our Classic
Ice Cream Trucks!
Individual Ice Cream Sales

Occasionally you may see our ice cream trucks travelling
through your neighborhood playing music.  This is time for
all of the children and adults to wave us down to buy
some Ice Cream and Popsicle Novelties to cool you down
on a hot day.
Ice Cream Truck Sales

If you are already in business with your own ice cream
trucks, we will also sell you bulk ice cream to make street
sales through neighborhoods.
Ice Cream Varieties

We carry over 100 different items from the following
brands: Good Humor, Breyers, Klondike, Popsicle, and
Ben & Jerry's.  We have  these product types: Novelties,
Pints, and Half Gallons in a variety of flavors.  A menu
board from our classic ice cream truck is shown below to
give you an idea of the novelties we sell.